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CWR Articles > Back Issue: July 2013
Freedom from Government (Birth) Control
By Carrie Gress, Ph.D.
An interview with Helen Alvaré of Women Speak for Themselves
The Problematic Legacy of Fr. Hesburgh
By Anne Hendershott
A beloved leader in Catholic higher education, he also accelerated the move toward secularization of Catholic institutions.
Two Cheers for Democracy
By Benjamin Wiker
Patriotic, modest, and tempered praise for our present form of government
The Encyclical on Faith
By James V. Schall, S.J.
"Lumen Fidei" is a quiet new force in the world for those who seek God, truth, goodness, and salvation
Throwing Down the Gauntlet of Faith
By Carl E. Olson
The uniquely penned encyclical "Lumen fidei" is about the light of faith, as well as divine life, true love, and absolute truth
Women Religious in the U.S.: The Past Fifty Years
By Catherine Harmon
The author of Sisters in Crisis: Revisited discusses the past, present, and future of sisters in the States
Religion, Liberalism, and Worldly Success
By James Kalb
The irony of modern liberalism is that it is made possible by ties and loyalties that it rejects and destroys.
The SSPX and the Rumor Mills
By Michael J. Miller
Recent news stories about the SSPX spoke of a "definitive break with Rome" despite plenty of evidence to the contrary
No More Gosnells
By Carrie Gress, Ph.D.
Abby Johnson and Shawn Carney talk about the new Texas law, “The Preborn Pain Act”
The Story of Prejudice
By Michael Coren
For all of the real failures of individual Catholics, the Church itself has always been color-blind
Grassroots Ecumenism of Friendship Keeps Orthodox-Catholic Hopes Alive
By John Burger
Orientale Lumen Conferences Boost Participants’ Knowledge of Issues, Forge Ties
The Cloaked Creator of Modern “Love” Stories
By Anne Hendershott
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy stigmatizes those who stand in the way of his distorted vision of "a wonderful life"
The Future of Liturgical Formation and Renewal
By CWR Staff
An interview with Dom Alcuin Reid about Sacra Liturgia 2013
Is Marriage Bigoted and Discriminatory?
By Patrick Lee
The President and members of the Supreme Court say "Yes". They are wrong.
Beyond the Zimmerman Verdict
By Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
In the wake of the Travyon Martin case, African Americans have an opportunity to redirect their energies toward healing their families and communities.
The Arab Springtime is a Nightmare for Syrian Christians
By Alessandra Nucci
Middle Eastern Christians decry how Western media misrepresent the increasingly violent events in Syria.
What is Social Justice? From John Paul II to Benedict XVI
By J. J. Ziegler
The third and final installment in a series on social justice in Catholic social doctrine
From Calvinist Prosecutor to Catholic Apologist
By David Paul Deavel
Convert Jason Stellman's new old-fashioned apologetic shows how humans are “hard-wired for heaven”
Ars Memoriae
By John B. Buescher
Why would anyone think that memorization is not a valuable part of learning?
The Key Themes of World Youth Day 2013
By William L. Patenaude
The words and actions of Pope Francis in Brazil built directly on the evangelizing work of his predecessors
World Youth Day, Liturgy, and the New Evangelization
By Dr. Leroy Huizenga
Well-formed disciples are shaped and taught through good liturgy: lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi
Pain, Profit, and Third-Party Conception
By Leslie Fain
Donor conception and surrogacy place the desires of adults over the needs of children, a growing number of donor-conceived people argue.
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