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CWR Articles > Back Issue: March 2013
Benedict XVI Honored by Eastern Orthodox Hierarchs
By Christopher B. Warner
Another look at the Constantinople-Rome schism and a way forward for reconciliation
The Renaissance of the Mass Propers
By J. J. Ziegler
After years of neglect in many American parishes, chanted Mass propers are making a comeback, thanks in part to new online resources.
In Defense of Marriage
By John S. Hamlon
Why natural law arguments for marriage—while very important—are not enough
What Are Catholics To Do?
By James Kalb
We can offer the world something only if we maintain what we have to offer.
Don’t Be Blasé About Blasphemy
By William Kilpatrick
Thinking that anti-blasphemy laws will protect the interests of all religions misses the big picture.
The “Martyrdom” of Pope Benedict XVI
By Alberto Carosa
Don Nicola Bux, one of Benedict’s close collaborators, on the deeper meaning of the papal resignation
The Young and the Conclave
By John Paul Shimek
The JP2 Generation has arrived, and the evidence is seen throughout Rome.
Who Will Be Pope #266?
By Michael Severance
After a long month to think, pray, and meet, the cardinals convene and the world waits.
"A failure to do that is an abdication of my responsibility."
By Carl E. Olson
Bishop Robert F. Vasa talks about education, witness, conscience, responsibility, faithfulness—and Benedict XVI.
Cardinal Bergoglio elected as Pope Francis
By CWR Staff
First pope from Latin America is also the first Jesuit to sit in the Chair of Peter
Pope Francis and the Humility of Orthodoxy
By Carl E. Olson
The newly elected pontiff demonstrates how Catholicism is both consistently compelling and often very unpredictable.
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio's "Letter On the Year of Faith"
By CWR Staff
The full text of Cardinal Bergoglio's October 2012 letter marking the start of the Year of Faith
Pope Francis and Secularist Stereotypes
By Michael Coren
Don't be surprised that the honeymoon lasted just a few hours.
The Pope and the Poor
By James V. Schall, S.J.
A Jesuit reflects on the new pontificate and the problem of poverty
A Week of Firsts
By Michael Severance
The “Bergoglio comeback” and insights from Vatican-watchers into what we can expect from Pope Francis
Duncan Stroik: Church Architecture—Tradition in Continuity
By Amanda C.R. Clark, Ph.D.
A new book explores the history and meaning—and the promising future—of sacred architecture.
Cardinal Bergoglio’s Letter to the Catechists of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires
By CWR Staff
An exclusive English translation of the future Pope Francis’ 2012 letter on evangelization and opening the doors of faith
Peter and Andrew: Brother Pilgrims to Jerusalem
By Christopher B. Warner
Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew continue the 50-year legacy of Catholic-Orthodox dialogue begun by Paul VI and Athenagoras.
In the Footsteps of the March for Life
By John Burger
Marriage supporters to rally in Washington, D.C., on March 26 as Supreme Court hears cases
“Satanism is about destroying the Church”
By Jim Graves
From Satanism to the Occult and back to the Catholic Church, one woman found hope and healing through Christ and the sacraments.
The House of Lies
By Anne Hendershott
This week’s Supreme Court hearings on same-sex marriage cases owe much to Lawrence v. Texas, the 2003 ruling that overturned anti-sodomy laws. However, the story behind Lawrence isn’t what many suppose.
The March for Marriage, the March for Kids
By John Burger
An estimated 10,000 rally and march to the U.S Supreme Court in defense of marriage
Evangelical Catholicism, Pope Francis, and the 21st-Century Church
By Christopher White
An interview with George Weigel
The Violence of the Crucifixion
By Dr. Leroy Huizenga
The Four Evangelists glory not in the cross’ gore but rather in its shame
The Cross, For Us
By Hans Urs von Balthasar
Whoever removes the Cross from the center of Christianity no longer stands in continuity with the apostolic faith
The Logic of the Resurrection
By James V. Schall, S.J.
The truth of the resurrection of the body is bound up with the question of justice.
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