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CWR Articles > Back Issue: February 2013
Decline and Fall. And Hope.
By Dr. Edmund J. Mazza
Americans would do well to ask the question posed by Ponticianus sixteen centuries ago: “What is our aim in life?”
Portland’s new archbishop: “I’m a teacher at heart”
By Jim Graves
Archbishop-elect Sample discusses the liturgy, sex abuse scandals, social media, and more.
Reimbursement for Stay-At-Home Moms?
By Sister Renée Mirkes
What the Church can contribute to the on-going debate
The Good, the Bad, and Gaudium et Spes
By Tracey Rowland
Historical and theological context are crucial for interpreting the Council’s document on the Church in the modern world.
Hastening the Reform of the Reform; or, the End of Clown Masses
By Joanna Bogle
A new book on Latin and the liturgy stresses the importance of continuity, not contentious campaigning.
The Church and the Constitution
By James Kalb
A political system is never defined solely by reference to institutions and procedures, but is tied to a vision of what life is and ought to be.
Unlearning Christianity
By Benjamin Wiker
A review of Gregory Lukianoff’s Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate.
Pope cites waning strength as reason for resignation
By CWR Staff
First pontiff to resign in almost 600 years
Tell Me I’m Not Good Enough: An Ash Wednesday Request
By David Paul Deavel
Those who come to be marked by ashes are looking for what might be called the “bad news of the Gospel.”
The Last Homily
By William L. Patenaude
Benedict XVI's Ash Wednesday homily emphasized again his pastoral and pontifical priorities
A Figure of Impossibility
By Carl E. Olson
The pontificate of Benedict XVI has been a short, bracing, and often surprising journey in discipleship.
The Pope and the Philistines
By Tracey Rowland
Benedict XVI’s papacy has been one of imagination and urbanity hampered by bureaucracy
Benedict’s Finale with Beethoven: A “Heroic” Moment
By Msgr. Daniel B. Gallagher
Pope Benedict’s pontificate comes to a fitting musical conclusion with a performance of Beethoven’s magnificent Eroica Symphony.
The Orwellian World of Catholic Higher Education
By Anne Hendershott
A report on the implementation of Ex Corde Ecclesiae reveals next to nothing about the real state of affairs on Catholic college campuses.
Catholics and “the Energy Problem”
By William L. Patenaude
The moral implications of the world’s energy problem make the Church’s engagement on the subject indispensable.
Three Very Different Roads that Led to Rome
By Jim Graves
Three Catholic apologists tell their stories of grace and conversion.
Reading the Catechism, Rebuilding Catholic Culture
By Carl E. Olson
An interview with Dr. Ryan N.S. Topping about his book Rebuilding Catholic Culture
Great Britain and Gay Marriage
By Michael Coren
The deconstruction of marriage continues. It didn’t begin with gays asking for marriage, but with the heterosexual world rejecting marriage itself.
Sacred Liturgy: Past, Present, and Future
By CWR Staff
An interview with Dom Alcuin Reid about the liturgy, Vatican II, and the upcoming Sacra Liturgia 2013 conference in Rome
The Last of the Giants?
By Carl E. Olson
It is too early to judge the pontificate of Benedict XVI, but Joseph Ratzinger's brilliance and holiness cannot be denied.
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