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CWR Articles > Back Issue: December 2012
A Tale from the Front Lines of the Abortion Wars
By Mark Sullivan
A new book tells the story of a life lived fighting abortion.
You Better Watch Out—St. Nicholas is Coming to Town
By Christopher B. Warner
The seldom-told stories of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Turning the Corner
By James Kalb
Catholics should not hesitate to bring Catholic beliefs and arguments into the public square.
J.R.R. Thomas Chesterton of Hippo?
By Francis J. Beckwith
Moody Publishers and its safely dead Catholic authors
Why Did Vatican II Ignore Communism?
By Edward Pentin
The veil of mystery over the Council’s omitting any reference to Communism has gradually been lifted.
Not Your Mother: An Autopsy on "The Testament of Mary"
By Mark P. Shea
Colm Tóibín’s book won’t tell you anything about Mary. It will tell you plenty about its very sad and very angry author.
The Hallowed House and the Secular World
By Carl E. Olson
An interview with Dr. Thomas Howard about the sacred, the secular, and the current state of Church and culture
John Paul II, As His Friends Knew Him
By Joanna Bogle
Two new books about John Paul II shed light on the late Pope’s personal life and friendships.
America Still Has Half a Soul. For Now.
By Carl E. Olson
The recent shootings in Connecticut and Oregon reveal the good, the bad, and the unspoken in our nation.
The Real Social Justice Issue: Taking Care of the Violent Mentally Ill
By Anne Hendershott
Seriously troubled people and their families need help—to protect themselves and others.
The Two Sides of China’s Party
By Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.
Remembering Fr. Charles McCarthy, SJ, an American Jesuit in Shanghai.
Spielberg’s Lincoln: Politics as Mathematics
By Christopher S. Morrissey
Daniel Day-Lewis’ strong performance isn’t enough to save the philosophically deficient Lincoln.
My Secular, Jewish Father Loved Christmas
By Michael Coren
Some of God’s creatures are in the Church and do not even know it.
The Hobbit: A Film of Friendship, Faith, and the Good Fight
By Meryl Amland
Despite divergences from the book, Peter Jackson’s epic film delivers.
Six Days, Eight Funerals, Countless Tears
By John Burger
St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Newtown, Conn., concludes a grief-filled week burying 8 children
The Pope’s Book About Christmas
By Thomas P. Harmon
Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives emphasizes that the joy of Christmas is rooted in the revelation of God’s humility.
Seeing the Face of Christ at Christmas
By Bill Maguire
Blessed John Paul II’s theology of the body helps us recognize the true presence of Christ in those around us.
The Joy of Painting the Pope and Saints
By CWR Staff
Painter and illustrator Ann Kissane Engelhart uses an unforgiving medium to depict the call to holiness.
The New “Blesseds” of 2012
By J. J. Ziegler
A look at the lives of the holy men and women beatified in the last year
On Writing a History of the Catholic Church
By James Hitchcock
The Introduction to History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium
What Archbishop Müller Said About the SSPX and “Continuity”
By Michael J. Miller
The publication of the latest volume of Ratzinger’s Collected Works fuels debate about the Council.
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