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CWR Articles > Back Issue: November 2012
Saints, Sinners, and the Perspective of Eternity
By Carl E. Olson
Vatican II's "Dogmatic Constitution on the Church" is full of riches, if we just take the time to read the text.
All Souls: A Day for Hope and Grief
By David Paul Deavel
The continuing connection of the dead to the living highlights the paradox at the heart of Catholic teachings on death.
Changing Catholic Attitudes about Cremation
By Jim Graves
Since the ban on cremations was lifted in the 1960s, the practice has been on the rise among Catholics.
SSPX Dialogue Continues: “Patience, Serenity, Perseverance, and Trust are Needed”
By Michael J. Miller
The last several months’ developments in Vatican/SSPX relations have been misinterpreted by extremists of all ideological stripes.
Catholics and Evangelicals: Past, Present, and Future
By Carl E. Olson
An interview with Kenneth J. Collins, author of Power, Politics, and the Fragmentation of Evangelicalism
The Vampire State
By Anthony Esolen
Just loosen your collar—this will all be over in a moment.
Sex, Lies, and HBO Documentaries
By David F. Pierre, Jr.
Mea Maxima Culpa is long on vitriol, short on facts
Secular Witch Hunts and Post-Modern Fairy Tales
By Michael Coren
Activist attempts to destroy the reputation of Dr. Mark Regnerus are not the exception, but the norm.
The Council and the Laity
By Russell Shaw
The teaching of the Second Vatican Council concerning the laity was an enormous and lasting achievement. But there is much work to do.
An Undemocratic Future?
By James Kalb
A review of After Tocqueville by Chilton Williamson
The Upside-Down World of Catholic Higher Education
By Anne Hendershott
Recent controversies at the University of San Diego underscore the prevalence and influence of dissent on Catholic campuses.
After Tragedy, Irish Abortion Laws Come Under Fire
By Michael Kelly
A young woman is dead, and some blame Ireland’s strict anti-abortion laws—but many questions remain unanswered.
Vladivostok Mission Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
By Jim Graves
The Catholic mission in Vladivostok, Russia brings the light of Christ to a poverty-stricken and highly secularized region.
Islam’s Rise and the West’s Denial
By CWR Staff
William Kilpatrick on what the spread of militant Islam means for the future of the West.
In the Habit: A History of Catholicism and Tobacco
By John B. Buescher
Saints who smoked, popes who puffed, and others who snuffed.
“Where Are The Catholics?”
By James V. Schall, S.J.
Is Christianity the measure of modernity or is modernity the measure of Christianity?
Musica Sacra
By Kevin McCormick
James MacMillan and his sacred music for our time
A Rational Basis for Marriage between One Man and One Woman
By Bill Maguire
Same-sex marriage not only undermines real marriage, it redefines the human person.
“Every Child Deserves a Home”
By Jim Graves
Adoptive parents face challenges and make sacrifices to provide loving, stable homes for children in need.
Shaky, Not Stirring
By Carl E. Olson
What happens when Christians put more faith in modernity than they do in the Faith?
The True Spirit of Vatican II
By Douglas Bushman
The main desire of the Council was to reinvigorate the Church’s mission of promoting a fully human life in Jesus Christ.
Church teaching on in vitro fertilization
By Jim Graves
Pope Benedict XVI, speaking to members of the Pontifical Academy for Life earlier this year, addressed the issue of married
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