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CWR Articles > Back Issue: September 2012
Taking Evangelization Door-to-Door
By William L. Patenaude
Catholics in the Diocese of Providence are doing what may have seemed unthinkable: knocking on doors and talking about their faith with total strangers.
A Moment of Weakness and the Paradox of God’s Grace
By Ilyas Khan
Targeted by extremists, a Catholic convert from Islam reflects on the constancy that is as necessary to the Christian life as bravery.
“We have to go where the suffering and dying are”
By Jim Graves
Military chaplains bring the light of Christ to some of the world’s darkest places.
SNAP: Support for Abuse Victims or Anti-Catholic Politicking?
By David F. Pierre, Jr.
Conference speakers indicate a larger political agenda.
Sola Gratia: The “Prog” Foolishness of Neal Morse
By Bradley J. Birzer
How an angry young musician has become a committed Christian and influential artist
The New Man at the Helm of the Holy Office
By Michael J. Miller
What Catholics should know about the work and thought of Abp. Gerhard Ludwig Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Canada: Ignored, Mysterious, and Very Confused
By Michael Coren
The first installment of a new column, “Controversies with Coren”
In the land of the Gulag, a statement of faith in the future
By Joanna Bogle
A new cathedral in Kazakhstan has been dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima.
What Is America Today?
By James V. Schall, S.J.
America no longer has a coherent, common view of itself and what it stands for.
The State and the Sacred
By James Kalb
Today there is no god higher than Caesar, and Caesar has identified himself with the principle of individual choice and thus with the divinity of the individual will.
Industry of Death vs. Culture of Life
By Carrie Gress, Ph.D.
Pro-abortion advocates talk of “back alley” abortions while ignoring life-giving alternatives for women in crisis pregnancies.
What Cardinal Martini Said, and What He Didn’t Say
By Russell Shaw
The late cardinal’s controversial interview was less interesting than what some progressive Catholics have tried to make of it.
Unity of Faith in a Diversity of Traditions
By Christopher B. Warner
Pope Benedict XVI’s plan for enriching cooperation among the Churches of the Middle East
On Cultivating the Mind that is Catholic
By Brian Jones
For Catholics, the intellectual life is not something reserved for the academic elite.
My Uncle, Fulton Sheen
By Jim Graves
Joan Sheen Cunningham remembers life with her uncle, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who was the face of the American Catholic Church for decades.
“Christ is in Our Midst”
By Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.
A Catholic pays a visit to a Russian Orthodox Church in Beijing.
Redefining Deviance
By Anne Hendershott
Recent controversy at Franciscan University highlights how definitions of homosexuality and deviant behavior have changed over the years.
Lord of the Dance
By John B. Buescher
Grounded in Gnosticism, dubious historical scholarship, and hyper-individualism, liturgical dance is by its nature unsuited to Catholic worship.
Is Prometheus on the "Index of Forbidden Films"?
By Christopher S. Morrissey
Contrary to widespread media opinion, neither the Pope nor "the Vatican" writes movie reviews.
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