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CWR Articles > Back Issue: August 2012
The End of the Age of Distraction
By R. Michael Dunnigan
After decades of questionable pastoral statements, the US Catholic bishops’ statement on religious liberty is a triumph.
The Liberal Arts Go Online
By CWR Staff
The Angelicum Academy brings the study of the Great Books into the 21st century.
Grey is the Devil’s Favorite Color
By Teresa Tomeo
Even many Catholics dismiss Fifty Shades of Grey as harmless entertainment. They couldn’t be more wrong.
Equality and Catholicism
By James Kalb
Neither equality or freedom can be the highest standard, but must refer to some greater, final standard.
The Blessing of Big Families
By Jim Graves
Despite the ridicule, criticisms, and misunderstandings they often face, large Catholic families joyfully embrace God’s will for their lives.
Activist’s Death Reveals Benedict’s Concern for Cuban Dissidents
By Alberto Carosa
Accusations of Vatican indifference to pro-democracy efforts in Cuba are unfounded, says a long-time observer of Church-state relations in Latin America.
Light in the Dark Knight
By Meryl Amland
The most recent installment in the Batman franchise transcends the superhero genre.
Coren on Conversion, Canada, and Lies About Christianity
By CWR Staff
The veteran journalist and commentator Michael Coren reflects on his past, the present state of the West, and the future of the Church
Doubting Thomas (Jefferson) and the Founders’ Great Mistake
By Dr. Edmund J. Mazza
The Enlightenment marked a fundamental shift from faith and focus on an afterlife to the material world and the pursuit of happiness in this life.
The Catholic Con Continues
By Anne Hendershott
Many left-wing Catholic political organizations use Soros funds and misuse social doctrine to promote anti-magisterial, pro-abortion messages.
Both Lungs
By Christopher B. Warner
Both the East and West are necessary to provide enough “oxygen” for the spiritual battle raging in today’s world.
Not a “Swerve,” but a “Slouch”
By Anthony Esolen
Modern atheists may think they’ve found an ally in ancient Epicureanism. They’re quite mistaken.
Whence Come These Puppets of Doom?
By John B. Buescher
“Liturgical puppets” have shown up in churches for years, but aren't limited to Catholic venues—they have long been used as agents of iconoclasm and revolutionary agitprop.
Lessons from Catholic Evangelists
By Jim Graves
Five prominent Catholic apologists share their methods of spreading the Good News and defending the Faith.
We Are Not American Catholics. We Are Catholic Americans.
By Father Augustine Hoa T. Tran
Our patriotism is tempered by our faith, and our political decisions are determined by consciences informed by faith.
Protocols and Theologians
By Russell Shaw
What the USCCB's new protocols for reviewing theological works aren't about.
Listening to the Experts
By Anthony Esolen
Catherine of Siena was the most important and influential person in Europe during the latter part of the 14th century. It could not happen now.
Play It Again, Sam
By Joseph F. Martin
The reissue of Sam Phillips’ classic album Martinis & Bikinis invites a reconsideration of her Christian-pop roots and what drove her away from them.
“Traditional Latin liturgy, a perfect instrument of the New Evangelization”
By Alberto Carosa
In November, supporters of Summorum Pontificum will converge in Rome for the Year of Faith. One of the organizers discusses plans for the pilgrimage, which will include Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica.
Time Is Short, Eternity Is Long
By Carl E. Olson
Some thoughts on current affairs, the coming months, and the Council.
Ending the USCCB’s Path to Progressive Politics?
By Anne Hendershott
John Carr’s tenure at the USCCB ended on a note quite different from that of several former colleagues.
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