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CWR Articles > Back Issue: April 2012
The Pope's Challenge to Cuba—and the World
By James V. Schall, S.J.
Benedict XVI's homily in the Plaza de la Revolución on March 28 was a rousing call to peace, faith, and reason
Living Authentic Catholic Womanhood
By Joanna Bogle
The Association of Catholic Women began as a response to radical feminism. Its focus has now shifted to encouraging the priesthood and passing on the Faith to the UK’s next generation of Catholics.
The Gray Lady Makes SNAP-Friendly Judgments
By David F. Pierre, Jr.
New York Times allies with advocacy group in new attack against Catholic Church
The Continuing Struggle for the Soul of Cuba
By Jordan Allott
In the wake of Pope Benedict's visit, Cuban Catholics express frustration and anger as the Castro regime continues political repression and religious persecution.
"Christ is Risen, and you, o death, are annihilated!"
The Easter homily of Saint John Chrysostom
The Science of Nothing
By William E. Carroll
A review of Lawrence Krauss’ book A Universe From Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing.
Sex, Sanity, and Eternity
By Carl E. Olson
An interview with J. Budziszewski
Tyranny, Religion, and the Fight for Freedom
By James Kalb
A winning argument for religious freedom cannot be based on anti-Christian premises.
The World: "A Space for Knowledge and Truth"
By James V. Schall, S.J.
Pope Benedict XVI's Easter Vigil homily was a profound reflection on creation, light, and divine life
China’s Church: Awakening the Dream of Hope
By Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.
There is plenty of bad news to be heard about Catholics in China. But there is good news that usually goes unreported.
Cooperation is Not an Option
By Msgr. Kevin T. McMahon, STD
There can be no moral justification for obeying the HHS mandate.
Belonging Without Believing
By Michael Kelly
While 84 percent of Irish people self-identify as Catholics, support for key Church teachings is at an all-time low.
On Fifteen Years a Catholic
By Carl E. Olson
Two issues then and two surprises later
If Sigmund Freud Met C.S. Lewis
By Thomas S. Hibbs
A new play depicts an imagined discussion between the two influential 20th-century thinkers.
Single by Vocation
By Jim Graves
Those who remain single are able serve their families, communities, and the Church in unique and varied ways.
The Church and the Sisters: What Is Really Happening?
By Ann Carey
The standard media account about the CDF and LCWR lacks essential information and historical background
Catherine of Siena and Leaving the Church
By Thomas McDermott, OP
What this 14th-century mystic can teach us about fidelity to Christ and to a Church in crisis.
Can Beauty Save the World?
By Dr. Eric Cunningham
A review of Gregory Wolfe's book, Beauty Will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age.
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