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CWR Articles > Back Issue: November 2011
Anything Goes
By Chuck Weber
Reproductive medicine grows ever more disturbing.
Lost Generations
By Jim Graves
Bishop Alexander Sample on the need for a renewal of orthodoxy
Servants of the Lord
By J. J. Ziegler
A look at the permanent diaconate in the United States
Underpopulation—The Real Problem
By Michael J. Miller
Steven W. Mosher on the world’s demographic crisis
Universal Primate and European Patriarch?
By David Paul Deavel
Answering the unheeded call of Ut Unum Sint
The Recovery of Reason
By George Neumayr
Pope Benedict’s address to the German parliament
“Our Horizon”
By CWR Staff
In late September, Pope Benedict XVI visited his homeland, urging Germans to restore God to the center of life.
Falling for Fables
By Anne Hendershott
The unconvincing calls by dissident scholars for a democratic Church
Scattershot Charges
By Michael Kelly
The continuing fallout from Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s attack on the Vatican
A Smooth Operator
By Philip F. Lawler
Father Anthony Ruff and the new Mass translation
The Tipping Point
By Carlos Antonio Palad
An aggressive campaign to promote contraceptives picks up speed in the Philippines.
Following “The Way”
By Matthew A. Rarey
Actor Martin Sheen discusses faith and film
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