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CWR Articles > Back Issue: January 2011
A False Choice
By George Neumayr
The mischievous debate over condoms
How Is It Going?
By Ann Carey
An update on challenges to the apostolic visitation of sisters
The My House Initiative
By Jim Graves
Archbishop Joseph Naumann's anti-pornography effort
The Origins of the “New Nun”
By CWR Staff
Sister Dolores Liptak, a scholar of American Catholic Church history, reflects on the crisis in women’s religious orders.
Mr. Smith’s 30 Years in Washington
By Daniel Allott
The New Jersey congressman reflects on his career and the struggles ahead for the new Congress.
The Missionary to Spain
By J. J. Ziegler
A look back at Pope Benedict’s November visit
The Fig Leaf That Fell Off
By Dr. Paul Kengor
President Obama’s “pro-life” executive order couldn’t save the “Stupak Democrats.”
The Persecution of Christians in Iraq
By Michael J. Miller
Archbishop Sako on the “barbarism” they face
Cloaking Maciel in a Capuchin Hood
By R. Michael Dunnigan
The search for historical parallels to the scandal involving the Legion of Christ is dubious.
The Catholicism of William F. Buckley, Jr.
By Dr. Paul Kengor
Two biographies highlight the central role it played in his life and thought.
The Solipsist’s Catechism
By Diogenes
If you make up your own faith, it’s easy to believe, as long as you never question your own authority.
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