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CWR Articles > Back Issue: August/September 2010
Error Enjoys All the Rights
By George Neumayr
The firing of Dr. Kenneth Howell
The Separation of God from public life
By Russell Shaw
A look back at John F. Kennedy’s disastrously influential speech on secularism to the greater Houston ministerial association. September marks the speech’s 50th anniversary, as it continues to reverberate in America’s politics.
A Tale of Two Searches
By Anne Hendershott
Adventures in hiring and not hiring at Marquette and Seton Hall
The Horrific and Mysterious Death of Bishop Padovese
By Michael J. Miller
An investigation into the murder of the Turkish prelate remains unresolved.
By Freddy Gray
In anticipation of the Pope’s September visit to the UK, London-based group Catholic Voices offers training to young believers in public speaking.
The United States’ Youngest Cardinal
By J. J. Ziegler
A profile of Daniel DiNardo
Pelosi, the Bishops, and Immigration
By Sean Higgins
Their attempted alliance to pass a reform bill has fizzled.
“Viva cristo rey!”
By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
Filming begins on Cristiada, a movie about mexico’s epic war fought by catholics against an atheistic dictatorship in the 1920s.
The Significance of Lost
By Sandra Miesel
A look at this intriguing television drama
Caravaggio’s Sacramental Realism
By Thomas S. Hibbs
This summer marks the 400th anniversary of the artist’s death, with an ambitious exhibition of his major works in Rome.
A Better Kind of Love
By Jim Graves
Mary-Louise Kurey, Miss Wisconsin in 1999, leads Chicago’s archdiocesan Chastity Education Initiative.
The Definition of Conservatism
By Dr. Paul Kengor
Tom Pauken wades into the contentious debate over it.
Anglicanism...and Anglicanism Lite
By Diogenes
To understand contemporary Anglican theology, prepare to reconcile the irreconcilable. Or, if you prefer, discover something altogether new about human nature.
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