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CWR Articles > Back Issue: June 2010
Ever Ancient, Ever New
By George Neumayr
Summorum Pontificum and the young.
A Catholic Nation Hangs in the Balance
By J. J. Ziegler
Pope Benedict calls Malta back to its roots.
Smaller But More Vibrant
By Jim Graves
Oakland’s Bishop Salvatore Cordileone on the Church in a time of tumult.
“Hooking Up”
By Anne Hendershott
A study finds that young women attending Catholic colleges and universities are almost four times more likely to have engaged in casual sexual encounters during college than their counterparts at secular colleges and universities.
On the Brink
By Daniel Allott
British journalist Melanie Phillips discusses the west’s civilizational crisis.
Just Tell the Truth
By William Kilpatrick
The post-Vatican II Church’s conciliatory approach to Islam is misleading. Nostra Aetate needs clarification.
Defying Easy Categorization
By Mark Sullivan
A look at some of the views and speeches of Archbishop Jose Gomez, Roger Mahony’s successor in Los Angeles.
Business as Usual
By Anna Abbott
A year after the US bishops condemned it, Reiki is still offered at some Catholic facilities.
The Elephant in the Room
By Tom Hoopes
Ten ways the media has failed to protect kids.
The Apostles of the Slavs
By Michael J. Miller
June marks the 25th anniversary of this important encyclical by John Paul II.
Hollywood’s Treatment of Fathers
By Steven D. Greydanus
Behind the ambivalence lies an awareness of their importance.
The Reckoning—Reconsidered
By Diogenes
After the 2005 papal election I made a prediction. How did I do?
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