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CWR Articles > Back Issue: April 2008
By George Neumayr
Ailing American Catholics look to Pope Benedict’s upcoming visit for a shot in the arm.
The Church Betrayed?
Why does Catholic Relief Services forbid putting its logo on the ”educational” materials it provides about HIV and condoms? It is time for the US bishops to investigate their charitable agency.
Shadows and Light
By George Neumayr
Bishop Bruskewitz on Call to Action’s petition against him and other controversies in the Church.
The Westminster Succession
By William Oddie
Who will replace Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor when he retires later this year? Here’s an evaluation of possible candidates.
Frank Talk in the Age of Benedict
By Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
As Summorum Pontificum frees up conversation about the state of the liturgy, two Catholic prelates call for the abolition of Communion in the hand.
Bow to Sharia or Restore Mary’s Dowry?
By Joanna Bogle
Dr. Rowan Williams and Father Aidan Nichols present clashing visions of England’s future.
Beating the Secularists Back
By John Burger
A bill in Colorado, which threatens the integrity of the Church’s charitable agencies, stalls. But it signals a new threat to religious hiring practices.
The Culture Wars Come to Ireland
By Michael Kelly
Over the next year bruising debates about “children’s rights” and civil partnerships will take place.
The Huckabean Revolt
By Jeremy Lott
Despite little support from Catholics, the pro-life former Arkansas governor did better than expected in the GOP’s presidential race.
Serial Delusion
By Diogenes
Questions of doctrine become questions of theology, which become questions of approach and then questions of taste, until doctrinal differences seem trivial.
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