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CWR Articles > Back Issue: November 2009
A Prophetic Force or Echo Chamber?
By George Neumayr
Competing conceptions of the Church in the age of Obama.
The Venerable John Henry Newman
By Freddy Gray
His cause for sainthood progresses amid reports that Pope Benedict XVI will visit Great Britain next year.
Secularism on Steroids
By J. J. Ziegler
Pope Benedict XVI tells Czechs reeling from relativism that freedom and truth “go together, hand-in-hand.”
More “Access” Means Less Care
By Daniel Allott
How the abortion industry’s quest to spread its practices everywhere is denying medical choices to Americans.
In Denial
By Ann Carey
LCWR members complain to the press about the Vatican’s visitation of US women religious, but the need for it is obvious and urgent.
They’re Back
By Anne Hendershott
Dissenters, now calling themselves the American Catholic Council, plan a 2011 conference in Detroit “to create a new Church.”
Standing Together Against Secularism
By Edward Pentin
Catholic-Orthodox relations continue to improve.
The Killing of Jim Pouillon
By Kathy Shaidle
When the Department of Homeland Security warned that “disgruntled military veterans” could become right-wing extremists, reporters paid attention. But when a pro-life activist and Vietnam veteran became the victim of violence, they closed their noteb...
God-Centered Medicine
By Jim Graves
The Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles operate a model long-term care center.
What Is Their Purpose?
By Michael J. Miller
Hospital ethics committees are supposed to be more than tools without content.
A False Assumption
By Father John De Celles
Many bishops take it for granted that the federal government should be heavily involved in health care. But the Church’s teaching on subsidiarity argues against their position.
New Moon: The Twilight Saga Returns
By Steven D. Greydanus
Stephenie Meyer’s tale of vampire romance continues amid ongoing controversy and concerns.
A Love Letter to Freemasonry
By Sandra Miesel
Dan Brown finally finds a religion he likes.
Dueling Excommunications?
By Diogenes
A Maryknoll priest’s confused—but revealing—response to excommunication.
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