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CWR Articles > Back Issue: August/September 2009
A Conversation with Catholic SF Writers
By Sandra Miesel
ACWR: Is there such a thing as Catholic/Christian SF?Gene Wolfe
Barack Obama at the Vatican
By George Neumayr
Pope Benedict shows him charity in truth.
Where Converts Are Made
By J. J. Ziegler
With five exceptions, the 50 nations where the faith is spreading most rapidly are all located in Asia and Africa.
Who is Miguel Diaz?
By Edward Pentin
A look at Barack Obama’s nominee to be ambassador to the Holy See.
The Big Con
By Anne Hendershott
Misleading “Catholic” organizations such as Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good operated as an arm for pro-abortion Democrats in 2008 and now enjoy an important role in the Obama administration.
Caritas in Veritate
Excerpts from Pope Benedict XVI ’s third encyclical.
From Security Without Freedom to Freedom Without Security
By Daniel Allott
For Iraq’s Christian communities, life under Saddam was bad. Today, it is worse.
The Showdown in Zaitzkofen
By Michael J. Miller
More sparring between the SSPX and the German hierarchy.
A Cultural Conservative at the New York Times?
By Jeremy Lott
Meet its newest columnist, Ross Douthat.
The Flight from God
By Thomas S. Hibbs
Two years after his death, director Ingmar Bergman’s legacy remains in dispute. But it is hard to deny that he asked the big questions in an artistically convincing way.
Modern liberalism as a Despotic Religion
By Carl E. Olson
James Kalb’s illuminating, Kirkian critique of it.
Thin Skin
By Diogenes
Liberal Catholics are appalled. American bishops have dared to criticize them.
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