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CWR Articles > Back Issue: July 2009
Open to Transcendence, Open to Life
By Father Joseph Fessio, S.J.
In Caritas in Veritate, the Holy Father grounds justice in charity and truth.Pope Benedict has something for everyone in Caritas in Veritate—from praising profit (21) to defending the environment (48). But in these cases, as in all the others, h...
Pilgrim’s Regress
By George Neumayr
The disgraceful autobiography of Rembert Weakland
Post-Christian Sisters
By Ann Carey
The Vatican’s investigation of women religious in the US was a long time coming.
Becoming a Kind of Club
By Travis Kavulla
The cardinal of Nairobi has suspended the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Will he ban it?
From this Holy Mountain
By J. J. Ziegler
A look back at the Pope’s trip to Jordan and Israel.
The Return of Blasphemy Laws
By Jeremy Lott
Political writer Christopher Caldwell on immigration, Islam, and the future of free speech in Europe.
“A No-Man’s Land Between Science and Faith”
By Anna Abbott
Reactions to the US bishops’ document on Reiki range from semi-compliance to indifference.
What Does it Mean “to Accept Vatican II”?
By Robert Spaemann
Those who make this demand are often far from complying with it.
The Double Life and the Undivided Heart
By R. Michael Dunnigan
Reflections on religious orders in view of the Maciel disgrace.
The Tudor Period
By Vincent Ryan
Two books that offer nuanced descriptions of religious tumult during it.
Popular Literature of a High order
By David Paul Deavel
Piers Paul Read, using his eyes as an artist and a Catholic, delivers an engrossing thriller.
Right from the Beginning
By Diogenes
The answers to the sex-abuse scandal, so elusive in 2002, were obvious to one priest 50 years earlier.
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