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CWR Articles > Back Issue: June 2009
Pilgrim's Regress
By George Neumayr
The disgraceful autobiography of Rembert Weakland 
Two Models of Hope
By George Neumayr
Notre Dame chooses Obama’s over its namesake’s.
Without Conscience
By Sean Higgins
Obama moves to rescind pro-life protections for doctors and nurses.
Another Flashpoint in the Culture War
By Edward Pentin
Who will be Obama’s ambassador to the Holy See?
A Dim Future
By Elenor K. Schoen
What will Obama do with the President’s Council on Bioethics?
“Fair-Minded Words”?
By George Neumayr
Barack Obama gives a deceptive speech at Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony, exhorting graduates to follow the example of Cardinal Bernardin and Father Theodore Hesburgh.
A Politician Even in His Faith
By Freddy Gray
Did Tony Blair convert to Catholicism insincerely? His comments to a gay magazine raise the question again.
What Vincent Nichols Faces
By Joanna Bogle
The challenges ahead for the new archbishop of Westminster.
The Pope Was Right
By Joseph A. D'Agostino
“We haven’t seen any evidence that condoms or higher condom use has reduced HIV rates in Africa,” says Dr. Edward Green, the director of Harvard’s AIDS Prevention Research Project.
A Disappearing Line
By Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.
The relationship between “underground” and “aboveground” Catholics in China is much closer than many Westerners think.
Dignitas Personae and Childhood Vaccinations
By J. J. Ziegler
If derived from aborted fetuses, can they be used?
Will Caritas Christi Be Involved in the Abortion Business?
By Philip F. Lawler
The Archdiocese of Boston’s health care agency refuses to answer that question.
Thomas Dillon: In Memoriam
By Dr. Paul Kengor
Catholic higher education has lost a true apostle of faith, freedom, and learning.
The Church of Cirque Du Soleil
By Francis J. Beckwith
It is on display in Kerry Kennedy’s compilation of essays by current and former Catholics.
Can’t Get No Respect
By Diogenes
The archbishop of Canterbury wants to be in communion with everyone. But his fear of commitment makes it impossible for him to affirm the Christian faith.
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