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CWR Articles > Back Issue: May 2009
Ex Corde Ecclesiae and the Notre Dame Affair
By George Neumayr
Now will it be implemented?
The Hollywood Illuminati
By Steven D. Greydanus
With the new Da Vinci Code sequel, Angels & Demons, coming to theaters in May, Dan Brown’s preposterous brand of anti-Catholicism is back.
Destroying From Within
By Anne Hendershott
The attempted legislative takeover of the Church in Connecticut exposes once again the partnership between Catholic dissenters and secularists.
Dare to Decide
By J. J. Ziegler
Pope Benedict’s March visit to Africa.
Who Are the Pro-Life Democrats?
By James Antle, III
An examinaton of their records and reliability.
FOCA by Increments
By Joseph Lawler
Unlikely to pass it immediately, the pro-abortion lobby turns to a piecemeal strategy.
A Two-Child Policy in the Catholic Philippines?
By Carlos Antonio Palad
That day approaches, as the legislative assault on the country’s moral traditions accelerates.
Growing Tensions
By Michael Kelly
Elections in June for the European Parliament will reveal whether the EU is serious about respecting the Church.
An Ocean Wide and Deep
By Joanna Bogle
Ex-Anglicans who entered the Catholic priesthood in the UK over a decade ago have no regrets.
The Cross and the Stars
By Sandra Miesel
Catholics in the field of fantasy and science fiction.
Nothing New about the “New Atheism”
By Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
It is as irrational and willful as old superstitions, argues Edward Feser.
Simon Says, the Pope Distorts Science
By Diogenes
In condemning the Pope’s public statements about condoms, scientists have been guided not by facts but by popular ideology.
At the Service of the Church
By Jeremy Lott
Thomas Peters on his popular blog.
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