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CWR Articles > Back Issue: December 2008
More Latin, More Reverence
By Jeremy Lott
Author Amy Welborn discusses Pope Benedict, the condition of Catholic education, the tedium of blogging, and Summorum Pontificum.
Priestly Vocations in America: Recent Trends
By J. J. Ziegler
A survey of dioceses rich in seminarians and dioceses poor in them.According to the Vatican's statistical yearbook, there were 63,882 major seminarians worldwide when John Paul II began his pontificate in 1978; by the end of 2005, that number had gro...
Church Indulgences in San Francisco
By George Neumayr
What the U.S. bishops can learn from the scandal
To Evangelicanism and Back
By Tim Drake
Francis Beckwith discusses the reasons for his reversion and reactions to it.Francis Beckwith, associate professor of Church-State Studies at Baylor University and former president of the Evangelical Theological Society, rocked the evangelical world ...
A Tale of Two Cities
By George Neumayr
In The City of God, St. Augustine describes two societies present throughout history that derive from two objects of love. One society is the city of man, the other the City of God. The object of the former is selfishness; the object of
The Parable of Prodigal Europe
By George Neumayr
Celebrating its 50th anniversary in March, the European Union held a party for itself in Berlin. "Europafest" featured among other activities "clubbing";"100 DJs performing in 35 night clubs," from "Hungarian techno t
The Enduring Costs of John F. Kennedy's Compromise
By Colleen Carroll Campbell
What role should a Catholic politician's faith play in his governing decisions? After dominating U.S. headlines during the 2004 presidential contest between Catholic Senator John Kerry and Methodist President George W. Bush, the question has emerged ...
Laborers for the Harvest
By J. J. Ziegler
Promising vocations news from Asia, Africa, and Oceania.The Church worldwide has been blessed since 1978 with a surge in the number of seminarians. According to data published in L’Osservatore Romano and the Vatican’s statistical yearbo...
Roman Catholics for Obama '08
By Dr. Paul Kengor
Some ignore his pro-abortion voting record, others rationalize it.The first time I learned about the practice I was horrified. It was the mid-1990s. The source was Sharon Dunsmore, a nurse in a hospital NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) who wrote a...
The Movement That Won't Die
By Elenor K. Schoen
Special Report The debate over physician-assisted suicide shifts to Washington as the state renews the drive toward legalization.Physician-assisted suicide is gaining support in Europe, though losing more battles than winning them in the United State...
A New Pentecost
By George Neumayr
The Holy Father's inspiring visit to the United States.
A Web of Confusion
By George Neumayr
Barack Obama and His Catholic Supporters
"Kill Christians and Destroy Their Institutions"
By J. J. Ziegler
Hindu radicals wreak havoc in India. A look at the causes and consequences of their anti-Christian campaign. The eastern Indian state of Orissa, largely unknown to Catholics in the West before August, is a rural area with significant mineral resource...
At the October Synod
By Thomas P. Harmon
Theologian Michael Waldstein, who participated in it, reflects on his experiences.
Family Films Move Forward
By Steven D. Greydanus
Wall-E, Horton Hears a Who!, Kung Fu Panda, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and Prince Caspian highlight a decent year for family audiences.
An Athlete for Christ
By Joseph Filice Previtali
Chase Hilgenbrinck on his decision to leave Major League Soccer and enter the seminary.
A Remedy for America’s Healthcare Crisis
By Elenor K. Schoen
Catholic hospitals hold part of it, as the trend toward palliative care suggests.
End of an Era?
By Michael J. Miller
Catholic swing vote jolts Austria’s major parties.
The Holy See holds its ground in the translation wars.
How We’ve Grown
By Diogenes
Would you buy a used interpretation of Vatican II from this man?
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