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Is David Fincher a modern-day Hitchcock? Gone Girl demonstrates the comparison’s strengths and weaknesses.

I caught Gone Girl on the heels of a debate with another Catholic in the film industry about director David Fincher. “He’s too nihilistic,” says my friend, remarking on Fincher’s forte in the bleak and grim. The director’s slick, glossy films definitely revel in dark themes and twisted characters. But I have—with some qualifi...

The family is an active and vital agent in establishing a civilization of love and the renewal of Christian culture.

This article was first published on April 25, 2014, shortly before Pope John Paul II was canonized by Pope Francis. We are running it again today, the first feast day of St. John Paul II. 

The disastrous mid-term relatio seeded confusion, conflict, and lingering bitterness at every level of the Church. But the synod itself was only Act One.

Upon becoming director of media relations for the American bishops in late 1969, I quickly made a crucial discovery about my new employers. With just a handful of exceptions, the bishops were painfully naïve about the news business, yet convinced they could manipulate the process to get the story told as they wished.

They were wrong of course,...

Can Church doctrine change over time? Could so-called “same-sex unions” one day be seen as a legitimate development of the Church’s teaching on marriage?

During the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican, the phrase “doctrinal development” was bandied about by some bishops. For instance, Reinhard Cardinal Marx of Germany, responding to a question at a press conference last Friday, said that church doctrine can change over time: "Saying that the doctrine will never change is a restrictive view of thin...

How Cardinal Kasper’s pastoralism would harm women and children

Synods of Bishops rarely attract so much attention as the current one has. Much of the interest, of course, is due to the German Cardinal Walter Kasper’s pre-synod proposal on divorce, remarriage, and the reception of Holy Communion, aided by his subsequent book tour and multiple interviews before and during the synod.

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