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No one can live in God’s love, in His inner life, who does not want to be there. Such is our dignity that God only can accept us if we freely want to be there.

Editor's note: The following commencement address was given on Thursday, May 25, 2017, at The Cambridge School of Dallas


“We did not follow cleverly devised myths whe...

“Two of the men didn’t think that they would go to Heaven, but I told them they would if they asked God for His mercy and forgiveness..."

Any veteran of World War II can tell you stories. But for Frank E. Bryer, his story—one he could never forget—was a terrible one. It began the moment his ship, called the Rohna, was sunk. When that ship went down on November 26, 1943, Frank’s life changed forever. And very few people beyond the men tossed into the sea ever knew what happened.


After more than 40 years offering a liberal arts education in California, the Catholic school is set to expand to a second campus.

Since its founding in Southern California in 1971, Thomas Aquinas College has been offering a unique experience to students interested in an education in the great works of Western Civilization with a firm grounding in the Catholic faith. In many ways the school and its mission stand in direct opposition to prevailing trends in Catholic higher education that have pushed...

An imaginary, but not fanciful, sketch of what such a commission’s report to Pope Francis might say.

A new birth control commission? Here’s hoping the reports out of Rome are only speculation, possibly generated by the fact that the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical condemning artificial contraception, is little more than a year away. (The encyclical was issued July 25, 1968.)

The story origina...

A high-profile medical journal publishes an attack on religious freedom protections for physicians. What can pro-life providers do in the face of efforts to suppress their rights of conscience?

Recently, Ronit Y. Stahl, PhD and Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD penned a contentious editorial published in the April 6 edition of New England Journal of Medicine entitled Physicians, Not Conscripts – Conscientious Objection in Health Care. In it, they argue that healthcare providers cannot appeal to conscientious objection to wa...

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