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He is flawed, and many of his flaws persist throughout his life. He can be petty and petulant. Nonetheless, he is a hero.

Let's not kill one another in print, virtual or otherwise, over the death penalty. That was a main point 

Notwithstanding the profound benefits of baptism, it seems counter-productive to impose Catholic obligations on a child if there little hope that the child will be raised in a Catholic environment where such observances can be explained and supported.
Instead of the primacy of the contemplative order, modernity elevates the practical order to be supreme. With this abandonment of “being,” it is action that becomes man’s fundamental earthly endeavor.
A review of "Taking Rites Seriously: Law, Politics, and the Reasonableness of Faith" by Dr. Francis J. Beckwith.
The common man is alive and well, doing ordinary things extraordinarily, usually unnoticed but once in a while getting the praise (and the movie) he deserves.
Catholics in Britain are taught about our heroic martyrs, but not the everyday things that echo our Catholic faith in place-names, pub signs, even nursery rhymes.
"The dissenters still run some places," says the well-known speaker and author, "and some of the major professional organizations and journals but they are losing ground fast. They are no longer getting disciples."
The scholars, all with with doctoral degrees in theology, medicine, law and other fields, have signed the document in support of Catholic teaching, titled “Affirmation of the Catholic Church’s Teaching on the Gift of Sexuality.”
What can Dante say to the military leader of today, immersed in the day-to-day anguish of war’s devastation?
We need men who fear nothing except God standing up against the deconstructionists and dissenters who claim that all that happened prior to 1965 in the Church was an embarrassment.
If the Church does not uphold the teachings of Christ and the sacredness of the sacraments, what then is the purpose of the Church? It's no wonder that some journalists speculate they are witnesses to the demise of Catholicism.
For the past week, I have been sequestered at the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum in Rome, an institution about five miles west of St. Peter's Basilica.
Hospitality is a great virtue. And so is being clear, direct, and truthful about the serious dangers posed by radical Islam within Europe and the United States.
Catholics should form their consciences according to the teaching of the Church. But, as Cardinal Ratzinger has noted, disagreement about this topic reflects a legitimate diversity of opinion.
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