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The Dispatch: More from CWR
USCCB president releases "expanded version" of his intervention at the Synod of Bishops.
Philly archbishop releases the text of his intervention from yesterday’s session of the Synod of Bishops.
A focus during this week of the Synod of Bishops has been analysis of both positive and negative “anthropological and cultural changes in our times”
There has been much talk and discussion about divorce, remarriage, and nullity, but more attention should be paid to the serious matters “beneath the surface” of those debates
Fr. Krzystof Charamsa's back story includes a running battle with the popular Fr. Dariusz Oko, a professor of theology at Krakow’s Pontifical University of Saint John Paul II

Yesterday was the first day of meetings for the circuli minori, or small groups, of bishops gathered for the Synod on the F

I hope that the Synod Fathers also realize that sometimes the very people we bend over backwards to help as good Catholics could not care less about either our Christian truth or our Christian charity
Bishop-delegates to the synod keep the faithful back home updated via blog posts and video messages.
Celibacy and marriage are ordered to one another, since both are ultimately in service of the sanctification of the world
There appear to be two main contingents at the Synod: one favoring the proclamation of the fullness of the truth to be taught with clarity and Christian charity; and the other favoring mercy at any and all costs
Notes from the Synod on catch phrases, "Familiaris Consortio", Cardinal Erdö's brilliance, silly questions, and the Church in Africa
A report from the Synod about the homosexual Polish monsignor, Abp. Forte, Cardinal Erdö, and Pope Francis

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This morning in the synodal aula, Pope Francis presided over an opening prayer service at 8:30am Rome time. Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga of Tegucigalpa, Ho

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