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On the Readings for Sunday, December 11th, the Third Sunday of Advent
As a person who grew up experiencing transgender inclinations, I know first-hand how deeply the desire is to be in a different body.

This past Monday I was at EWTN to guest on "At Home with Jim and Joy". I always enjoy my time at EWTN: the folks there are warm and down to earth. Plus,

"Since Christmas for me meant mainly the gross accumulating of stuff," admits an acquaintance, "it never made me truly happy. Then one Christmas I learned better."
FORMED is a Netflix-like VOD and digital content service that features the best audio, video, e-books and feature-length films from Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press, Word on Fire ministries, and others.
Take a stand against the electrification of reading and consider the following, in properly bound form, as gifts for those on your Christmas – not “Holiday” – list.
In the days following the Japanese attacks in 1941, prayers were a staple just as bread and soup were to hungry Americans during the Great Depression.
One of the core convictions of the Christian faith is that God has spoken to his people, that a real communication has come from his transcendent realm and entered into our consciousness.
Advent points to the reality that Catholicism is a faith not simply of martyrs but of martyrdom.
Actress Sofia Vergara is attempting to stop her former fiancé from gaining custody of the couple’s frozen embryos. The case just gets uglier from there.
Held in Salem, Oregon, the December 16-17 conference will include Mass and homily by Abp. Alexander Sample, and talks by Dn. Harold Burke Sivers, Fr. Donald Calloway, Jesse Romero, and others.
On the Readings for December 4, 2016, the Second Sunday of Advent
While the Castro brothers have somewhat relaxed their grip over the people in recent years, Cuba still remains one of the least free states in the world, second only to North Korea.
"Believe" is a faith- and family-friendly film in theaters this weekend.
"At no time," writes Steven J. Maurano, "did anyone on the faculty call for Dr. Esolen to be fired."
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