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New Catholic movements that flourished after Vatican II, especially in Europe, are helping to rejuvenate the Church, and many of them are present in Krakow.
On the Readings for Sunday, July 31, 2016, and the Church's teachings about wealth and real riches
Despite their diverse experiences, Latin American pilgrims at World Youth Day without exception are evidence that, despite encroaching threats, the Church there is alive and well.
The notion that Donald Trump, self-professed admirer of Vladimir Putin, is going to defend persecuted Middle East Christians is as ludicrous as the claim that Mr. Putin, ex-KGB thug and current kleptocrat, gives a tinker’s dam about the Christian victims of ISIS.
Recovering from poisonous government policies and the resulting cultural decline will require abandoning the delusional, moral relativism of utilitarianism in order to restore natural law as the standard for public morality.
The Paul Feig remake—reboot?—of the 1984 hit is a childish romp through gadgets and slime, and a pretty good one at that.
Chaotic as they may appear, there is a reason to the Islamist madness, for Man can never be purely voluntaristic. After all, the will is a blind faculty, and must always be guided to some extent by the intellect, even if aberrantly and wrongly.
Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney recently said that before World Youth Day 2008 there were about 30-40 youth groups in his diocese; now, that number has grown to more than 200.
DOCAT, says Pope Francis in the Introduction, "it is like a user’s manual that helps us to change ourselves with the Gospel first, and then our closest surroundings, and finally the whole world."
The popular History Channel show is extraordinarily instructive in regard to one of the most vexing problems of our time, namely, the clash of religions.
To survive, Catholic schools need to embrace what makes them unique, rather than ape their public school counterparts.
The newest Star Trek movie is visually stunning, fun, and oriented on the action. But it is lacking one key ingredient.

Twelve-time MLB All-Star Mike Piazza was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday, and in his speech at the induction ceremony, he thanked his mother for raising him Catholic and quoted Pope Benedict XVI’s 20

"The lecture of Pope Benedict XVI in Regensburg was in fact prophetic," says the head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, "because it called attention to a sore spot in Islam."
On the readings for Sunday, July 24, 2016
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