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A Scriptural Reflection on the Readings for Sunday, March 25, 2017, the Fourth Sunday of Lent
Two weeks ago my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was only then that I truly understand how quickly death can come.
If you’re endeavoring to fundamentally transform human nature, especially on issues like marriage, family, sexuality, and gender, then the natural law is your chief foe.
The Archbishop of Philadelphia told a crowd of 200 that many immigrants and refugees “had a steady diet of anxiety and confusion these last months. And that fear and anxiety rests in great degree in the lives of families.”
Watching the new "Beauty and the Beast", I was constantly reminded, from beginning to end, that I was in a movie theater in Southern California in the year 2017.
Are papal double standards undermining trust in Francis?
Though separated by four centuries and though hailing from extremely different cultures, Patrick and Joseph have a great deal in common, spiritually speaking.
The Church is not ours to “take back,” and it is not ours to “own,” because it never belonged to us. And if we make the Church our own, we defy the Lord whose Church it is.
Torn apart by war, famine, and terrorism, Somalia saw the consecration of its sole Catholic church last summer.
The Spiritual Resurrection Theory appears to be alive (ahem) and well at the Associated Press
Noticing is one of the most important things about us. Or to put it negatively, our lives are filled with myriads of things we never paid attention to. We couldn’t mark all of them.
On the Readings for Sunday, March 19, 2017, the Third Sunday of Lent
Ultimately, it’s clear this messy film is all part of the same nostalgia driven, reboot obsessed, cinematic universe franchising Hollywood culture.
Archbishop Chaput’s new book "Strangers in a Strange Land" is a product of intelligence, integrity and courage that speaks the truth in charity.
The recently released preparatory document on the subject of “Youth, Faith, and Vocational Discernment” is heavy on sociology and psychology and light on Scripture and Tradition.
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