Fr. Fessio on Pope Francis: “I’m overjoyed”

Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ – founder of Ignatius Press – had this to say about the election of his fellow Jesuit, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as the new pope:

I’m overjoyed. He is a great Jesuit, a traditional one. He’s “progressive” in the sense that he loves the poor, and—more importantly—lives a life of simplicity. But he is completely faithful to the Church’s teaching. So he really is a “pontifex maximus”, which is Latin for “the greatest bridge builder”. He bridges the Old World and the New, doctrinal orthodoxy and service to the poor. And what a great new name for a Pope, “Francis”. Francis of Assisi, the great lover of creation and the poor, who was told by Our Lord to “rebuild my Church”. Francis Xavier, fellow Jesuit and the greatest missionary of the Church. Francis Borgia, another fellow Jesuit, a saint who was a vigorous General of the Jesuits.


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