Vatileaks report will be shared only with the new pope

Despite some speculation last week that a report compiled by three cardinals concerning the “Vatileaks” scandal (oh yes, THAT report) would be disclosed to the entire College of Cardinals before or during the upcoming conclave, the Vatican announced today that this is not going to happen.

A statement from the Holy See Press Office makes clear that the report—conducted at Pope Benedict’s behest by Cardinals Julian Herranz Casado, Jozef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi—will be shared only with the next pope. From the Vatican statement:

At the conclusion of [the three cardinals’] mission His Holiness wished to thank them for their fruitful work, expressing satisfaction for the results of the investigation. In fact, their work made it possible to detect, given the limitations and imperfections of the human component of each institution, the generosity, honesty and dedication of those who work in the Holy See at the service of the mission entrusted by Christ to the Roman Pontiff.

The Holy Father has decided that the facts of this investigation, the contents of which are known only to Himself, will be made available exclusively to the new Pontiff.


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